Friday, August 29, 2014

The Picot Won

I like it, but I do consider picot edges, most nupps, beads optional - heck, when have I ever stuck to a pattern!
This pinned out really easily - just pinned the three picots around the main point and any picots that wanted to curl, and the neck edge. I don't block aggressively.

They are supposed to look like butterflies ... or moths

and the smaller one reminded me of the outstretched wings of a scarab.

Zealana Kiwi Laceweight in purple (Majesty?). A heavy lace weight yarn. (632 mts total)
Better photos when I have more time and the better camera.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


The cast off ...
To picot ... or not to picot ... that is the question.

I'm thinking ... to picot, maybe.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


New things!
New season, new growth and best of all, a new design!

I just love muscari (Grape Hyacinth). One of the first bulbs up at the end of winter (or very early spring, whichever you choose to call this season). I often accidentally dig these up in summer whenever I am weeding, and so I poke them in anywhere, as I walk around the garden, spreading their simple blue beauty.
Plants are early this year (but aren't they always?)

I only just got this rose pruned in time.
I love these Winter Rose beauties too, pity they flop their heads over when picked.

It's a howling Southerly today, but the Nor'Wester will be here soon enough to trick us all into summer.
And emerging from winter's tangle ...

and ... new knitting! How I love new knitting!