Thursday, October 23, 2014


Thinking this time of a variegated handspun shawl, slightly smaller (or two sizes) ,with more stocking stitch and a simple lace edging. Hopefully would suit commercial yarn as well. Just need to decide which one.

Clockwise from left: natural corriedale, dyed corriedale, dyed NZ halfbred (colour more muted than pic, halfbred has a slight crispness when finely spun, but that could be good)

left same dyed halfbred, dyed corriedale (which is actually more maroon)

 Treetops merino, and merino (not enough for shawl)
Might save the blue for a graduated something.

Merino and Silk

Which has the advantage of already being spun, but is more tweedy than variegated. 
Was planning on this one, but am lured to the half-bred. Sigh.

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