Friday, January 23, 2015

For Eleanor

... and our other Northern Hemisphere comrades - some of our summer warmth for your soul!

Love the determination of this guy - if you've ever biked on sand you'd know it's hard work, and he did it with a fishing rod!

Unfortunately I missed a horse and sulky riding by half an hour later because I was too busy knitting to notice until it had passed. I resolved to catch it on the return journey but was over the other side of the dunes photographing the hidden destruction a recent scrub fire had wrought on the regenerating dunes.

I smelt this fire when it was burning, one hot evening in town - luckily it was only a relatively small patch. Scrub fires seem to spring up from no-where when it reaches 29 C and Nor'West. I could see bits of plastic / glass bottles amongst the scorched earth - possibly the source of the ignition.

But it has been a fantastic summer so far!