Tuesday, May 9, 2017

High Country Circle and Epic Knitting

High Country Circle is the latest design I have added to my Ravelry store.
This is a Pi shawl that features lace and cable motifs depicting elements of the iconic South Island High Country - braided rivers, pebbled riverbeds and lace. I knit mine in a sports weight yarn so I could use it as a throw in my home, but knit in a lighter fingering or lace weight yarn it can be worn as a shawl that demonstrates the awesome-ness of your knitting ability, and is good looking to boot!

This is the beginning of my adventure into epic knitting. Sometimes I find myself feeling like I must 'knit all the things!", which is crazy, because I already have more than enough knitted garments (and shawls) than one woman needs. But I like to knit - so it's a bit of a dilemma. Then I realised that I didn't need to rush to finish a knitted project because a) I didn't desperately need it and b) I really would rather prefer to slow down and enjoy the knitting process itself - I wanted to take time to pat the knitted fabric on my lap and enjoy it unfolding, as well as the final piece. These thoughts led to the decision to start taking on epic projects - projects that take a long time; projects that aren't meant to be rushed; projects that meant I wouldn't have to worry about planning what to knit next!
Thus, High Country Circle was born. It's supposed to take a long time. You are supposed to enjoy the process of knitting it - watching the different motifs unfold from the centre out.

I suppose what I'm talking about relates to the Slow Fashion movement, except I got there on my own, years ago. Perhaps I should call it Epic Knitting Chilling! I'm having more thoughts about Epic knitting, and more designs in mind. It won't end here!

High Country Circle is a companion piece to High Country Crescent and uses many of the same motifs, but is much, much quicker to knit, in case you still do want to "knit all the things"!


  1. Such a lovely, lovely, shawl!! All your designs are epic.

  2. Indeed. I love your designs!