Thursday, August 11, 2016


Wow am I behind on posting about my latest designs. (I blame my fascination with Instragram)

Let me introduce Supplejack.

My idea for Supplejack was to design an asymmetrical triangle that traces the developing skills of the knitter. Stripes of squishy garter stitch begins the piece. This is interspersed with blocks of bold colour until you reach the first simple lace section – eyelets edged with garter stitch. More colourful stripes ensue as you work your way down the shawl, encountering small cable twists, a lifted stitch technique and finally move on to the lace sections worked over a stocking stitch background. The piece ends with an elaborate cable-lace border edged with pretty picots. When worn the more elaborate cable-lace section rests alongside the initial garter stripe section in a pleasing contrast of your knitterly skills.

As you can see, it's quite big - great for winding around one's neck in this chilly weather!
I knit mine in three shades of Dark Harbour Yarn: Starboard (fingering weight), in the colours, Nudibranch, Svalbard and Horace. Starboard contains 20% silk, and as a single ply yarn the motifs really pop with the silken sheen.

Ravelry Link to the pattern. Check out other colour combinations that people have used. In fact one of my testers knit hers in a single colour of laceweight rayon, and added beads. It's gorgeous!

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