Thursday, September 8, 2016

Speckle Tonic

Speckle yarn is pretty popular right now, and what's not to love about it! Some speckles are crazy fun, and some are a little more subdued, but just as pretty, in my opinion. I've been wanting to try designing with a speckle yarn for some time, and I found these two lovely skeins by Circus Tonic Handmade (here's a link to her etsy store).
I used them to make this - Speckle Tonic!

I started off gently with a delicate speckle called White Browed Woodswallow (the pale colour above) and teamed it up with a semi-solid called Spangled Drongo (yes - that's the name of an Australian bird!). I love how the colours go together and I think the combination of speckle yarn and lace works well together.
This is actually quite a simple knit - lace is working on right side rows only, and much of it is a repeating pattern. I like the balance of colours and the yarn I used Revelry Sock is so darned squishy and smoochy - it's perfect for neck-wear.

I rather think this is just the beginning of my adventure with speckle yarn, and I can't wait to dive into the rest!

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